Amplify Advertising - A Digital-Focused Ad Agency
Be Smart. Be Strategic. Be Heard.


Efficient. Effective. Transparent.

Amplify Advertising will match your message with the best audience to achieve your goals.

Amplify Advertising will match your message with the best audience to achieve your goals.

It’s All About Results

From the initial meeting, and throughout your campaign, our efforts are focused on retaining the highest possible return for your marketing dollars. We align with the strategy and goals of our clients, and routinely check performance benchmarks. We ensure all stakeholders are up to date on campaign reporting and maintenance, with ongoing creative development. We collaborate with you on developing customized marketing campaigns that will be sure to exceed key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business.


Our work with media placement and tracking includes:

Traditional Media: Broadcast, Cable, Print, Radio, Outdoor, Direct Mail

Digital Tactics: Display, SEM, SEO, Social Media, Video, Native, Mobile, Email, Rich Media, Audio & Connected TV, Website Development.

Digital Targeting & Safeguards: Geo-Fencing, Re-Targeting, Contextual, Interest Segments, Cross-Device, Behavior and Demographic, Cross-Channel. We utilize the latest controls to block fraud and leverage brand-safe filters.


We offer a wide variety of creative development, from banner advertisements, to ad copy, to video spots. In addition, we offer brand development, strategic planning and other business enhancement activities.


Hispanic Marketing: We have fine-tuned tactics, creative, and media channels that will allow companies to best target this important audience in California and the Southwest.

Automotive Marketing: We understand the nuance and KPIs associated with marketing and automotive dealerships. We utilize this knowledge and experience, along with market data and the latest tactics, to develop and execute custom campaigns to achieve the best possible results.


We utilize the latest reporting technology to offer you a comprehensive look at your campaign, including a transparent review of the price you’re acquiring digital media— as well as a listing of sites where your ad appeared. We use these results to keep your campaign efficient and effective and we strive to meet your KPIs (key performance indicators that tie into your business goals).